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Manned guarding involves having SIA-licensed security guards on site to secure the premises and provide protection to people and property and works as the most proactive deterrent against theft and criminal damage. Manned security is necessary if technical surveillance alone is not enough to ensure the total security of your site. The primary task of a security guard is anticipating and preventing dangerous situations, and acting fast in an emergency situation.


Why might you need a manned security for your business?

Our manned guarding services prevent damage, destruction and unauthorized access by providing security support at multiple entry and exit points. Our guards have a keen eye and nothing escapes their sight without being investigated to ensure that your business flows seamlessly without any security leaks or interruption. We secure your premises by deploying SIA-licensed and professionally trained manned security and K-9 dog patrols can be deployed based on the security requirements of your business. Our contracts with our clients are tailor-made to reflect their bespoke security needs.

Our guards perform a wide range of duties depending on the security requirements of a business, including:

  • Access control by banning entry and exit points
  • Patrolling the parameters
  • Screening packages
  • Maintaining entry logs
  • Managing incident reports

Placement of MPD FM security guards

Security guards can be placed at multiple locations, including:


  • Corporate sector
  • Public sector (Central government, local authorities & health care)
  • Transport sector
  • Workplaces
  • Residential apartments
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Events
  • Shopping centres
  • Construction sites
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Schools
  • Public and private offices
  • Government buildings, etc.

What we offer...

  1. Fully vetted, professionally trained, and SIA approved security guards
  2. Uniformed and fully equipped security guards, well experienced in providing excellent security and customer experience
  3. A proven track record and more than 18 years of experience in security provision
  4. Approved by all major accreditation bodies


MPD FM is renowned for its professional services in the security industry. We’re dedicated to providing excellent security services to protect people and property and ensure secure and seamless business operations for our clients.

We provide complete manned guarding services to private and public on both perpetual and limited period basis. We can adapt our guarding services to fit the varying requirements of different sites and situations. Our guards maintain the standards of professionalism you’d expect as they’re unformed, SIA licensed, and fully armed equipped with modern security gear that enables them to proactively disable any threats to your establishment.

Our highly-trained security guards are devoted to providing exceptional customer safety experience and with more than 18 years of experience, we take pride in consistently achieving excellent service provided to our clients in London and throughout Britain. Our services ensure a safe and secure environment for your events and business ventures. The performance and well-being of your residents, employees, and customers depend upon their peace of mind. Employee performance will improve and your clients and customers will feel more comfortable and welcome to be present at your premises if they feel protected.

As part of our security commitments to our clients, we provide professional training to our security staff which improves their on-site performance as well as their career and future prospects.

Each member of our security staff goes through a screening process before selection, after which they undergo an extensive and rigorous training regime which prepares them to anticipate, prevent and manage any situation that could pose any threat to people or property. They’re trained for agility, adaptability, and flexibility with an emphasis on a respectful and friendly service to keep up with the ever-changing and dynamic landscape of modern security. Our SIA approved security guards are friendly and reliable, allowing us to represent your business in a polite and professional manner when dealing with your guests, visitors, or the general public

Having more than 18 years of industry experience, MPD FM is proud to be a leading and trusted supplier of security services across the UK. Our SIA-licensed security guards and officers are well trained to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services according to the client’s requirements. MPD FM’s security services have been approved by major accrediting organisations in the UK including SIA ACS and NSI Gold. Our commitment and continual efforts to innovation and team development have enabled us to rank among the top 5% of reputed ACS approved contractors

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