Social Responsibility

Today we are all further interconnected than ever before,
making social and corporate responsibility an even greater
imperative for all industries.

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The Importance of Social & Corporate Responsibility
Undeniably, perpetuating charity, compassion, and kindness should be a key objective for firms in all industries. Having recognised this, we at MPD FM continually strive towards attaining such ideals. Subsequently, we have made charitable community efforts a fundamental pursuit. Whilst some may argue that we are only a ‘drop in the ocean,’ we firmly believe that progress begins with the individual. And this is just one reason why we value our corporate partnerships with The Rainbow Trust and Cancer Research UK so much.

So, through overarching organisational efforts and encouraging employees to be charitable in their own lives, we are trying to do our part to make tomorrow better than today.


Charity is one way we endeavor to fulfil this responsibility; even small donations or volunteer services help empower humanitarian causes. So, MPD FM routinely volunteers their services to our corporate charity partners to help them raise awareness of their campaigns in the utmost safety. Even in such small gestures, we set an example for our employees, our industry, and serve our vibrant and diverse communities as well.

Serving the Community

Offering work experience opportunities to local youths is an initiative of importance to us. We value providing an invaluable insight into the FM sector to the talent that will occupy it in future. By opening up our industry to more people, we aim to help them in expanding their horizons and expanding on their human capital. Through such programmes, we work towards our goal of MPD FM engaging an even more diverse employee base in future.

Protecting the Environment

Eco-friendly endeavours are also taking greater precedence in our operations. MPD FM has been implementing stringent policies which will reduce our carbon footprint and subsequently reduce the damage to our planet. For example, we are continuing to transition all our in-house communications to becoming 100% paper-free.

Additionally, we have been engaging in widescale recycling initiatives to ensure that we are responsible in our resource usage. With the valued cooperation of #TeamMPD, we have been able to become increasingly efficient in our pro-environment initiatives.
Our Commitments

Our plan of action goes inseparably from our convictions about improving society, and we need to be a brilliant illustration of different organizations around the world. We have built up our Survive, Thrive, and Revive technique in arrangement with six of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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