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7 easy ways to secure your home from burglars

Underestimating your home’s security could make your house an easy target for intruders. Figures shared by MoneySuperMarket raises a major cause of concern which suggests that 348 thousand cases of household domestic burglary across the UK were reported between July 2019 and July 2020. This does not take into account the unreported or unnoticed cases of quick intrusion. The figures from Statista suggest some similar statistics.

Therefore, it might be the right time to make some proactive actions for the protection and security of your household and any of your valued possessions. Especially when you are out of home, the risk of such activities are greater but smart proactive measures can certainly help and go a long way in protecting your premises from burglars

1. Keep your doors and windows completely locked.

Having doors unlocked can allow burglars to easily sneak into unsuspecting households. Windows are their second possible option to get inside your house. Keep your doors and windows locked at all times. They can easily get inside and grab something quickly while you’re busy in another room.

2. Check your locks

You can lock all your doors but if your lock is old and flimsy, it could be easily picked or pried open with a quick strike of a heavy tool. Burglars have a lot of tools and tricks at their disposal. To prevent an intrusion, replace any locks that you suspect might be getting out of order.

3. Can your doors and windows hold them out?

If your locks are all good but your doors and windows are weak, then your house security will still be at risk. The same jolt to a weak or loosely hanging door could get it detached. Your windows are the second most favourite entry point for burglars. Installing metal bars behind windows and having metal or hardwood doors will secure your house from forced entry.

4. Know who is outside

If your house is attracting burglars, they might even try to get into your house through the front door in your presence. They would ring a bell and tempt you to open. The only way to prevent that is by knowing who you’re opening the door for. Installing peepholes would enable you to know who’s your visitor and whether you should open the door for them.

5. Hire a security guard

A security guard is your best defence against any kind of intrusion. They are trained to prevent armed robberies and to keep eyes on any signs of suspicious activity. Burglars normally look for easy targets, and a security guard sitting outside with a licensed hand-carry could easily turn your house into a no-go area for intruders.

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6. Get to know your neighbours

Neighbours could be your next best thing after a dedicated security guard protecting your house. Get to know them so they know who lives in the house. This will make them alarmed if a stranger is trying to get in. They might be at home when you work, which means someone will be keeping an eye even in your absence.

7. Keys are the key

Hiding your keys under the mat or in the flower pot next to the door is like helping the burglar get into your house and take your belongings. Instead, hide them in a combination lock outside your house or leave them to a trusted neighbour.

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