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Boost employee productivity by clean and healthier workplace

The cleaning of a workplace is not only important to attract and impress potential or existing clients, but it also creates a beautiful impression among your workforce. With boosted morale, your employees will feel good while working there and their productivity will significantly increase. It’s not just their mood that improves their productivity but also their health, as a cleaner office contributes to an overall improved health and hygiene of your staff.

Cleaning & disinfection in current times

The positive image and employee satisfaction is one thing, but having a cleaner workplace is now more important than ever. The world is going through a pandemic and it doesn’t seem to be over soon. Just one infected employee can transfer the disease to another staff member, triggering a chain of infections that can soon send all your staff members to either homes or hospitals. This makes it mandatory that all precautions be taken before reopening a workplace or continuing routine operations amidst the pandemic, especially in areas which have been struck badly by coronavirus. The most important of them is disinfecting your workplace to kill all germs, viruses and pathogens to contain the spread, or completely prevent it if possible. Although these terms are used interchangeably, there are some major differences between cleaning and disinfection, even though both are necessary.
A Clean Workplace is A Safe Workplace - MPD FM Limited UKs Top Facility Management Company
A Clean Workplace is A Safe Workplace - MPD FM Limited UKs Top Facility Management Company

Why disinfection is essential along with cleaning?

Disinfection is unlike regular cleaning. It involves using a disinfectant which contains at least 70% alcohol. A diluted bleach solution can also be used instead. Disinfectants are used to kill all bacteria and viruses from a surface. However, a visibly dirty surface would still harbour harmful viruses since disinfectants are not good at cleaning dirt. Therefore, regular cleaning with soap and water is recommended before applying the disinfectant to clean any visible dust or rubble.

Proper cleaning and disinfection guidelines

There are a few guidelines that MPD FM cleaning expert and team follows are as under.

• At MPD FM, we make sure that our cleaning staff is properly trained to polish your workplace for a pristine look and to properly disinfect every area that requires attention.

• All touchpoints must be disinfected at least twice. These include everything that is touched multiple times with bare hands. They could be anything, like the photocopier machine, coffee maker, door knobs, handles, water taps and faucets, etc. More frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on your company’s needs.

• Visibly dirty areas must be washed first before being disinfected. The cleaning would reduce the number of bacteria and harmful viruses before the application of a disinfectant.

• Hand sanitizers should be made available in the workplace and installed in places where they can be easily seen.

• An approved disinfectant should be applied to a cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth should be used on a surface until it leaves a visible coat. The disinfectant should be reapplied on the cloth in between multiple applications.

• The cleaning staff should be wearing gloves and masks at all times. After cleaning, the masks and gloves should be disposed of and the cleaning staff should wash their hands with warm water and soap.

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The brand impression, employee satisfaction and increased productivity are alone to convince any employer to outsource their cleaning needs to a highly trained and equipped cleaning staff. However, the current state of the world has turned it into a requirement which ensures the health and hygiene of your staff and promotes an overall safer and healthier work environment.

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