Proactive Measures Taken in Response to Security Alert

MPDFM is a leading security company. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our employees, clients, and the public.

Recent reports have speculated on a potential cybersecurity breach at MPDFM. We want to address these concerns transparently and provide our stakeholders, customers, and partners with the most current information.


Investigation Status:

Our response to this alert has been swift and comprehensive, prioritising the security of our systems and the data we hold. As soon as we became aware of the speculative breach on June 8, 2023, MPDFM’s cybersecurity team and independent experts initiated a thorough investigation. We worked around the clock to ascertain the facts and found no confirmed evidence of any breach of our systems or data.

Immediate Action and System Enhancements:

Upon receiving the alert, our technical team promptly assessed and reinforced our system’s security. We have implemented additional security measures and made significant architectural changes to our digital infrastructure. These changes include separating the database and storage layers, entirely restricted from any public access, to enhance the overall security of our systems. Furthermore, additional precautionary measures to safeguard our systems and data include enhanced monitoring, updating security protocols, and conducting comprehensive system audits.

Data Integrity and Compliance:

Following a thorough examination, we can confirm that our server data remains intact, and we have found no evidence of compromised data. Our actions align with the best data security practices and comply with UK data protection laws. We are committed to the highest data security standards and to adhering to legal and ethical obligations regarding data protection.

Temporary Service Suspension for Safety:

To ensure the integrity of our systems and data, we have temporarily suspended our portal and related services. This decision, though difficult, reflects our commitment to security and the trust our users place in us.

Commitment to Transparency and Security:

We understand the importance of transparency in these matters and are committed to providing regular updates. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all data entrusted to us. Our top priority is the security and privacy of our employees, customers, and partners. We continuously employ rigorous security measures and are committed to maintaining the highest cybersecurity standards.

Contact for Further Information:

For more information or any concerns, please feel free to contact us at

We thank our users and stakeholders for their understanding and support as we navigate this situation. Ensuring the security and privacy of our data and services remains our utmost priority.

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